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The following configuration illustration, when A part of an online.config file for a site or application, enables default documents to the site or software. It then provides the file identify "Home.html" into the list of the site's or software's default documents.


In fact, the letter n does not even need to be used in any way. Just the hyphen as well as the integer (with no intervening space) are ample to tell head what number of lines to return. Hence, the following would create the same final result as the above instructions:

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In case the deep possibility was set to true, the descendants of the source DocumentFragment are recursively imported as well as the resulting nodes reassembled beneath the imported DocumentFragment to form the corresponding subtree. If not, this simply generates an empty DocumentFragment.

Function objects created Along with the Function constructor are parsed in the event the function is created. This is often here less efficient than declaring a function with a function expression or function statement and calling it inside your code simply because this kind of functions are parsed Using the rest from the code.

Specify the WITH SCHEMABINDING clause while you are building the function. This ensures that the objects referenced from the function definition can't be modified unless the function is usually modified.

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Notation nodes might be imported, nevertheless during the current release of your DOM the DocumentType is readonly. Capacity to insert these imported nodes to your DocumentType will be considered for addition to your potential release from the DOM.

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The COLLATE clause may be used to change the collations only of columns of your char, more info varchar, nchar, and nvarchar details sorts. COLLATE can not be specified for CLR table-valued functions. ROWGUIDCOLLOTTERY DOMINATOR

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